Sunday, October 30, 2016


Dusky hues are cast into
The purple latte froth of eventide ,
Twilight stars sparkle and shadows are thrown
Over where the flashes of night lights  can't reach
And he fishes in his pack to breathe smoke out just
Past the gutters , glistening with hoarfrost ;
And she lays her head in the golden , cooked
Crisp dead leaves of winter and it's a wonder
Her tears don't freeze before they reach the earth.
Together , they exhale frozen breaths and songs
Of absolute silence , every exhale a fan of frost
And forgetting ,
Together they occupy a narrow band of time and space,
A pocket of exile in the continuum , every bend of every
Wormhole funneling the prismatic starlight onto them,
And they drink in the moonbeams .

She jabs a finger into the crust of the earth and calls out
To no one in particular , her words and her breath freezing
And fading just feet from her face ,
She tosses short hair across her brow and sighs ,
Her bones howling for just a touch ,
Just a touch too much ,

In the distance , a wolf looses its lament ,
Howling a dirge into the atmosphere ,
Into the folds of
Around this pair , and
He calls up his pack ,
Bids them to strike up a dance ,

And he howls back , another ghost
Another nocturnal lullaby ,
Smoke and ice dripping from his lungs ,
He heaves a note into the sky ,
Aimless troubadour ,

And she's paralyzed , fingers raking the crust of
The only concrete evidence
Of any existence
For just
A single
Moment ,
In time
And in space
And the world seems to be getting smaller
Around them ,
The shadows pool in the alleys and the edges
And he lays down
With her
His arm and hers
His eyes in hers
Reflecting the night
Reflecting each other,
Drinking up the moonbeams .