Thursday, April 7, 2016

almost home

[You can't just come out of nowhere.]

i close my eyes
to the rhythm of the tides
lapping against the hull,
the clink of the anchor chain,
and the motion of the waves
almost drowns out the sound
of sirens from an otherwise silent shore.

close your eyes girl
we're almost home

i open my eyes
to the fire in the skies,
turning toward us,
the beacon of solace
and warm light through a lens
to guide us safely away from
a place where we'd otherwise be castaways.

i'd been hoping for these rocky harbors,
these sandy shores, the cry of gulls
and sensibly still stands of cypress
hoped upon hope in my quarters,
and gazing out into the night at
the southern cross

i wish i had brought you along
this whole time, but
it's okay, it looks like time is on our side

close your eyes girl
we're almost home

have i become immune to the waves lapping the decks?
or have i been anesthetized?

i think i might know,
    i think i might
close your eyes girl

i'm making thje decision i made when i left,
a decision not of will ,
but of courage,
to leave what is familiar and
put an end to what poisons me.

i haven't been where i belong
but this shining light is guiding,
i think i might know,
close your eyes
we're almost home