Friday, December 11, 2015


[it's the closest you've ever been to me,
and the closest i've ever been to divinity,]

we pass them around and around,
the things we keep in our hearts,
and we make no excuses.
you're so full of shit, and
you're goddamn right i'm buying it.
but this path leads to nowhere,
nowhere but a dream.
the path guides our march nowhere,
nowhere but over bales of piano wire.
the scent, it leads our track nowhere,
nowhere but into the belly of the whale.

we deserve to be way more personal,
we deserve to be armed beyond this,
and we're staring into this abyss,
of god and history and this love we've lost,
and you're goddamn right i'm unmoved.
i'm spoiled rotten and i feel nothing underneath
beneath these scales

the dead are up talking
and looking for something
but we don't connect,
because these connections lead to nowhere,
nowhere but more mistakes.