Friday, December 19, 2014

west texas sun. (throwback)

west texas sun
January 17, 2011 at 11:13pm

if the sun dies out

if we're in the face

of the setting sun

the dying southern star

when it subsides, silently

when it glides into tonight forever,

i'll still be wishing i could be moving the warmth with you

along the longer fencelines

and lazy texas roads

wishing i could move the warmth with you

next to you.

wishing i could hold this long distance call

down every interstate i screamed nights upon nights

upon nights

into the open air for you

even before i'd ever seen your face

before i'd ever even heard your name.

now, it lines the horizons i tried to change for so long

the dying, breathing effervescence

of a light i'd come to sway with in the evening

when there was spring in the air

or a faded light i'd salute when my breath

was cold enough to hold up my face

to take the air and break, in

the leaving light of winter

the leaving light of always, nevertheless.

we're falling away from the holiday in this glow,

wishing, wandering, wondering,

where you are

so i could move this warmth to you

instead of sketching along brick walls

off gravel roads, drawing our graves

above the Texas dust to blow away

the West Texas Sun

the West Texas Sun

that setting sun that hitches down the interstate with us

never completely leaving us behind

what a heavy vanity to overcome

when we're taking this journey

cause i saw the sky

in you.