Friday, December 26, 2014

cheers. (throwback.)

September 19, 2011 at 10:36pm

[it's not a real mystery, see

i can't carry that casually,

and actually, i can't quite care]

i cant speak for everyone, but the time has already

come and gone when i grew sick

and tired of promises becoming loose ends

to be snipped and tied back and forgotten

amidst layers and layers of extra armor,

yours and mine, leather and feathers and

heavy metal plates. sagging, weighing,

dragging, pulling all the threads of fate




seams. . . .

we've all already grown weary with whispering,

laden with secrets and hinting at these very things,

that we won't take much more, but we're met with

smiling eyes as we raise our glasses to toast to the next


cheers to our loose change.

cheers to our ability to discern.

cheers to learning from our mistakes, time and time again.

cheers to ripping it all




seams . . .

and maybe we've all grown to love the way the patterns change,

the loose shapes vaguely reassembling into likenesses we can

understand and befriend, into caricatures of lovers and exes

and partners, to make amends, only to tear it all down again

and again with the lies we'd known we'd all tell since we started.

we should've made ourselves clearer. we should have sacrificed.

at least our cups are full.

cheers to spilling our fortune and fame.

cheers to the waste.

cheers to laughing it up and lying in the face of fate.