Friday, November 14, 2014

we lie.

[I know my actions can be confusing sometimes, but it's not often I get to express the best parts of what I mean.]

This sojourn has no deadline, but it has an end.
I imagine I won't see you there.
These bones and blood we're made of won't be chronicled in the end.
You and I know both know I wish you well, but don't take me for a well-wisher.
These words aren't right.
They're not the legend you're looking for.
I don't intend for them to win you over.
I don't even expect you to relate.

It's about all i can take.
I smile when I see your face again and again -
Am I effusive? not often.
Most of the time I barely have a pulse.
Most of the time I barely have a face.
So, I don't expect to win you over.
We can barely even relate.

It's about all I plan to take.
I'm sick again and again when you leave.
Am i bitter? fuck yes
You barely answer back.
We lie to each other in so many ways.

How can I show you I won't always be around?

Like this?
Like this.