Friday, November 14, 2014


[ Oh, you thought I'd stay silent.  I rarely, if ever, have nothing to say.]

Winter holidays to smash your routine, a sinking and cutting fate only the kids can appreciate.
The frosty morning air against my blood is what motivates me. 
I listen in to my own complicity, I listen in to revert to simplicity,
But I am captive, I confess, to complexity and sin.

Are we held captive, my friend?
Are we sinking in,
Let that liquid swim, let it fill you,
Can you imagine a better fate?
There's no other fate than sinking,
sinking, drowning.

December mornings to leverage your defeat, hiding out away from your destiny,
The promise of sleep the only thing motivating.
You listen in for you inclusion, it's not here, it's not here,
We're captive, we confess, to this contrived delusion.

My friend, we're held captive,
We're sinking in
Let the liquid swim, let it fill your lungs.
There's no better fate than,
There's no other fate than,
This suffocation
There's no different fate from drowning.