Friday, November 14, 2014

for thine is...

[After this, I promise I'll get away from the keyboard.]

I'm becoming (think) more inclined, in time, to let these things just pass me by. Pass the vodka.
It doesn't add up, the pieces don't fit, but we don't aspire for things that make sense, we don't strive
for cohesion and peace and love, and all of the utopian bullshit from the 60's dreamscapes. We don't have to wonder where the fuck any of it went, we all just grew up, we shed out our universal naivete (sorry guys)
and settled for things like media infusion, and news, and headlines, and confirmation bias. We're more dangerous with knowledge now than we've ever been (ok enough, we're absolutely filled with lies and misnomers and falsified information) . .. . we're not trying hard enough to know eachother.
Where the fuck have we all been?

Tonight's your night, I fucking swear. Nobody cares if you forgot how to pray or care, for thine is the kingdom,
Your freedom, your privilege is your power, your glory is your apathy, forever and ever.
Friday night's your fucking night for sinning, you can genuflect your sins away on Saturday,
For thy kingdom is between the sheets, for thine is kingdom,
And the power, the power is wrapped around your throat,
And the glory, the glory, oh oh oh ... fuck,

It'll never be enough, will it? In time, we'll find that the divine is not quite what we had in mind. In hand,
pass us the bottle. And we'll run out of confessions, we'll run out of time and fathers to whom we'll mention
Any kind of remorse (at our intervention) - We'll swear further oaths and silence, but we're going down,
We're going down for atheism and lust and all the hedonistic shit of our age. We don't have to wonder why ours are the doomed, we never have to grow up, we just fuck and drink and die and shed these mortal husks and settle for cliches like leaving beautiful corpses (ok enough, we've absolutely derailed on our sins and following the parts we imagined to be our hearts . . . .. . we're not trying hard enough to know ourselves.)
Where the fuck have we all been?

Tonight's our night for fucking, I swear,
Tonight's our fucking night, I swear.
For thine is the kingdom
and the power
and the glory