Thursday, November 20, 2014

au revoir.

[Ask for me tomorrow, and you will find me a vague and distant man.
Oh please, just last. ]

I know the heart's not meant to move like this, over the sharp topography of the map, but the razorlines of travel are so telling. Our smiles and our tears, they scale from base to rapier summit with reckless abandon, reaching up and dragging zenith nails across rayleigh blue, across thunderheads and the angry words of long-dead spirits of what may have been our ancestors.
I'm surprised by this more often than you know, you know, I'm in love and I laugh about it.
What, exactly, do you take me for?
I will give up the gun, lay down my knife, this love thing, I never could quite knack it.
I know I'm confusing, and it may sound trite, but tell me what to do and I'll do it.
I've got saying yes down to a science. I just want you to tell me where to be.

I know I've been irresponsible with things like language and romanticism, but I just want you to tell me about yourself.
If I carried this weight out to the edge with me, well I'd already be a memory,
Like you - And maybe I'm losing more of it every day, but how would I ever hear it go?

I know that love's not supposed to go like this, on one side, but I couldn't bear the collision, so I . . .
I opened up the door for you to leave as soon as you arrived. I left this thing, this love, dying on the floor,
abandoned. I don't know exactly how to tell you, but it's a mistake every night there's a body that's not yours, it's a lie in every smile I mirror that's not yours, that's not yours, it isn't enough.
It isn't even enough.
I'm in love and I lie about it.
I know it's confusing, and it may sound stupid, but tell me who to be, and I'll be me.
I'm flexible, and the thing about changing to be a better man, I couldn't quite knack it.
I've got this thing down to a science, just tell me when you want me to show up.

I know I've been naive with things like mutuality and exchange, but I can hear the door open and close.
Can you tell me about yourself?
I lied, you know.
I'll never forget what we've tried to put down for weeks now,
Like you - And maybe I'm losing more and more of you ever day, but ...
How would you ever know?
How could you know?

One wind, one win, one distant shout of thunder,
One quiet sigh of wind through these hills,
And I'm your passenger.
Tell me where to go.

How could you know?