Tuesday, October 7, 2014

deeply flawed.

It's like we're constantly waiting for the collapse of some distant bridge.
Some say that  design is one of the concepts that makes our species especially distinct.
This ability to gaze forward, this deliberate foresight,
it allows us to span gaps of air and rock with a core of steel wrapped in concrete.
It allows us to mobilize over these spans into other territories.
 But us, as a species, maybe we are the mostly deeply flawed.
But hiccups in our designs,
Oversights, rust and material deterioration.
 Maybe a failure to account for catastrophic natural events.
Floods and mudslides and strong winds swept up and across our oceans and waterways from the coast of some far off nation.
Maybe a rogue crop-duster collides with major structural elements in a cable stay bridge.
Maybe a barge is pushed into the beam of a causeway.
But we can't waste our time in the design and the planning phases,
we have to build and span and move and
lurch our bodies forward over these spaces we see before us.

It's like all we can really do is wait for all the water we're made of to evaporate.
We're just waiting for the moment when we split,
when there's enough pressure on our surface,
When there are enough flames in the fire for us to dissolve like this,
For a strong enough wind on an unfrozen day to separate us
Into our smallest immutable parts,
And we'll resonate in this empty space
We will all just disperse some day,
Or wait for the next someone to come by
just to breathe us in.

It's like, It's not what it looks it like.
I don't try really hard to complicate everything, but it's hard for me to be guileless,
Some say maybe I'm just made to span the gap from one someone to the next,
But I don't mind.
We'll chase the waves that crash against these rusty beams, and forget
How swiftly we developed all these irresponsible feelings.
We'll exploit all the deeply flawed claw marks in our design.
We'll sleep on the waves near the base where's there's no one around,
Remind us how we've crossed over our demise again and again,
Across battered concrete blocks and oxidation, in this strange place,
Beneath radio and sun and cloud and the fractured light of the sky,
Lie down in this design with me, let's wear out these flaws.
Just come this way.