Thursday, May 8, 2014

universe. (throwback)

August 2, 2010 at 12:33am

on odd nights, on off nights
i find myself dreaming,
never catching sleep, but breathing,
chasing it like a ghost,

i dream awake, close my eyes
and i see

underneath us

the stars,
the gifts we're given, unwrapped
tiny glimmers in a night sky
a far off hope, after all
some of them died long before we'd ever first seen their light.

as diminutive as we become, all staring at the sky
the swatches of inky black bleeding over the purple horizon
remapping the stars we pretend we've noticed before,
we never feel hopeless these nights, with stars above our bed

we stop seeking meaning then, and understand

as long as they hang there, we know there's hope
for something out there that's still burning,
some say they won't believe something until they see it
but how do you describe the fire that burnt out
long before it ever started showing you its face?
perhaps out there once, the lonely pivotal center
of some distant and detached universe of its own

maybe we do still seek meaning, and will never understand.

why anyone bothered to make them all visible in the first
place, why? with the oppressive atmosphere, can we still
touch the exact place where we knew, for a fact
because we saw with these very eyes, there was a light before
and beyond every shadow of a doubt
some glimmer of life near it

maybe it's not the point to understand, but the feeling

longing, lusting to reach out and die with that light
clutched, burning your chest in the exact spot
you imagined your heart
before you started dreaming you lived in the center
of it all again,
where it all orbited around you and all the faces
were lighted perfectly at one point or another
and you always felt
the light
of day.