Wednesday, May 14, 2014

parting gifts.

(irrelevant song i heard for the first time today)


you keep calling me, leaving me with
messages that are nothing but touchtone tones,
but you can breathe easily now, there's nothing
of you lingering, nothing of your fingers caressing me.
you can rest now, i said, your skin is freezing up on me,
i just thought i'd phone to say we're sinking a deeper blue here,

we were such fools, beautiful you, thinking we weren't the cause,
you you you, what good are you, beautiful?
we're alone, and we're both at fault.

you kept calling me and leaving,
i get the message, we won't get caught in it again,
it's a beautiful day for us to be alone,
we can rest easy now, i like you best when you're walking away.

just leave your love here.