Friday, May 2, 2014


[any evening i don't have you by the throat is a loss.
i don't have time for nights of any other kind.
i won't crimp every cent i ever spend,
into your hair,
i won't ask where you've been,
just to be fair,
i'll see this thing through to the very end.]

we can smoke in this bar, but i'm wasting my breath on words i've dreamt for you.
but, you and i can both see it's a gamble i can't win, but i can lose, then again
that's just one version of events. relax, relax, watch the stars and sit still, wish upon
the ocean and find yourself a spot to sleep in the sand. we can't leave this beach
until we both confess there's no chance of this at all. it wasn't in the stars and cards
for either of us. you want some adoration, for all of us to be awed, you want
sweeping skirts as you leave the coast, you want to hear applause. your last two
told me that everyone you come across, you nearly beat to death. let's just
let this rest.

we'll ring around this statue
 maria, maria, maria.
ave maria. my life without any twilight
forget anything i say tonight,
maria, maria
call us all out tonight, tonight.
maria, maria.

we can drink on this sand, but we're so near empty, and so near the border.
we've made our way to the very brim of things, and here in our semi-sterile
pallet, i'll teach you something, if you look up. look up to the stars my love,
we have everything to lose.
we can't leave this beach until we atone. our acts of contrition will be,
to care for each other, the very last thing we'd ever want to do beneath
these wisps of swirling clouds. let's swim out to these lazy tides and see, girl
let's see if they can change the things we've said.

we'll ring around this earth, maria.
ave maria
light of my life
remember my words tonight
why don't you
call out
my name
for a change
maria, maria