Friday, May 2, 2014

getting to know (throwback)

getting to know
July 15, 2011 at 11:45pm

let's get to know us. i'm a man, i'm a mess,

a whirlwind of fetishism and guesses,

the son of sex and sweat - at best -

a product of cowboy ranch brands,

the salt of the southland, and man

and i'm pitching my tent just here.

you mean, i climbed all the way up here

just to see another pretty face, a

lackluster grin, i'm amazed

another fool on her back, well

at least her shoes aren't fake.

i am still solid solitude,

i'm the highest point you've made,

and you're alone in your shoes,

unlaced and you're faced with

what you're faced with in the face

of the awkward truth.

yeah, i'm still a man when i can.

i get mine, forget hers, pack it up

for quits, you see, when it gets

to be too close. you can call it mistakes

but it's the choices i make that

make me forget i'm alone.

yeah, getting to know what you can.

getting to know me.

i'm still a man when i can.

still a vessel to carry this truth.