Friday, May 9, 2014

done (throwback)

July 10, 2011 at 11:43pm

did you pack your bags against the pounding gulf coast waves?

against dire times, against coastal urging, barefoot in the shells

and the shale, against the fence? i know you'd never come clean,

in your defense, i'd never say it, i'd never ask, call you dancer,

in any straighter place than this.

did you move for a fairer sun,

a sunless summer, a wintery place to beat you down again and

again in the snow, where there's no fun in the facts and the skin

you wrap yourself in is nothing

to the bitter chill of the night.

did you sell me out?

i know you were small when we last met,

but did you tell all the friends of your friends that we were barely

friends? and when we caught up, you never bothered to ask,

it didn't seem, well - why would i do that?

way back when,

when we met, it was easy breaths over the frosted, condensed

drops of the glasses, entrapped for bitter moments,

running out of breath at night on a fervent, but hopeless highway to god knows where.

sad, anyways

you closed your eyes and dreamed, paper walls, folded again and again

the house you built, your home beneath constructed moon and walls,

origami moons hung atop stars, out of reach, come a little closer.

a little closer, quieter now, don't speak a sound. but feel, for me,

the paper heart, the way it's halved and halved again,

into you, into me, no more nights like this, no more nights with just

no more nights of injustice.

i see.

so you didn't say,

you didn't even

they never knew you knew me.