Friday, May 9, 2014

deliver me.

[when i think of anything,
for fuck's sake, dear,
deliver me from myself.
don't try to feed me.]

is it evident? are we in between? have we clocked the time since -
since you started crying and I say dear, oh dear
why am i so alone?

the screen door squeaks when i pass, and i don't belong,
do you screen your visitors for me, what do i rate
between him and the others? hey, i only want the same as you.
you lie awake at night after he leaves, after all the dreaming
and drinking we do, he goes home, and i'm here.

when i think of the end, i think of you, delivered here to me.

lay me down, take me down south, grind my body and bones
down to the dust of the Gods, and the tumbleweeds.
take me out to the desert, take me out,
i'm in your service, you see,
i've been drinking, of course, i'm yours,
indifferent to consequences.

a king and queen in the end, i think of us, delivered
to us.
to me.
to you.
down ensbrook drive.

you took all the out of the way routes for any of us,
past the shadows and light poles that drag on ,
pretty soon they won't come on, you won't come around.
pretty soon, i'm drowning in you.

when i think of the bottom, breathless, i think of me, delivered straight to you.

i'm almost asphyxiated here. she's crawling on her knees,

forgive us both this confusion, we're drowning.
we took the wrong way home.
to us.
to me.
to you.
to injustice.

down my street.