Sunday, April 27, 2014

texas empty (throwback)

texas empty
June 11, 2013 at 6:31pm

[in the summer, in the weather of confrontation, we follow along

don't crave desolation or this is what you get]

we count shooting stars and mile markers, and we forget to wish

between whiskey and static radio songs,

and i say i've told you

again and again i can't console you

from the back of his truck

he says something contrived before

the silence starts to bore me

and you reach across the seat,

you'll fish for compliments

and i can't even get up and leave.

the phones are dead for days,

on hold for collect calls

from any coast to coast to coast.

we recklessly swerve on

desert roads from

every edge to edge

(he can't give you what you want.)

his intemperance is boring.

at the park, we watched for

planes and landing craft

where prudence would warrant

that towers guide them away

he pours on the tall talk

and it's all circumvention

you say i'm cynical

with his hands inside your clothes

i don't open my mouth

to any toxic bonds we hold

i never open my mouth

down all these desert roads

i never hoped for another coast to coast

i should have never

staked it all on you

it's a hundred degress and getting close to two

we're laid out all star-shaped

beaten by desert wind

it's unclear as to what we all intend.

i don't want to be a grown man

waking up guided by sentiment

in the big texas empty,

i'll laugh at all his attempts.

i hear the bottle's half empty

i hear it's still half empty

that's a relief

that's a relief

that's a relief