Thursday, April 10, 2014

do you save our pictures?

                      Go, oh so you're leaving? I left my jacket out, since our seasons don't stay the same.
                      Let's count the times where I went wrong, and they can all lie, but to be honest
                      I won't even try.
                     You know just what to expect. But I'll always remember the season you finally came.
                     We've never known eachother, and I don't care. Take me by the hand or shoulder
                     Take me by the throat, let's write those notes we never wrote.
                     There's time for whatever problems you have with me.
                     We can take all the time you need.
                     I'm not suggesting institutions or acts of faith, here take me by these ribs
                     from in front of my empty chest 

                     as I'm bending in for a kiss
                     I'm an echo here at best.
                     There's nothing here to see but us. There's truth to be told, I'm shouting
                     In this song, And we still count those times where I went wrong.
                     They can all lie
                     But truth be told
                     I won't even try.
                     I've lay awake for 8 long years, and I won't sleep another night until
                     The truth be told
                     Truth be told
                     Take me by the throat.
                     Let's write those notes we never wrote.