Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hey you.
You know what I gave for our night together? Next to nothing, bought it for a song, really.
There was something so brilliantly uncomplicated about it.
Smile, confirm, kiss, smile, touch, confirm, kiss.
What about this are you going to pretend to forget?

It's fine if one night is why you called, but let's talk on the salient points,
Why ask so many times if I'M sure? Why touch, breathe, relate ...
We walked the sidewalk grounds, the fog machine beams, cigarette smoke
And in the dark, I smiled behind you until my face hurt.

Yeah, you.
You know what I'd give for another night together? Next to nothing, darling. Bought the first for a song.
Now it stands to reason that it should be so uncomplicated.
Smile, kiss, fuck, and dash.
I see precisely what you mean now, let's forget about it.

You'll need the strength to burn the next bridge to the ground.
I don't know you.
Save your strength.
You'll need it.